Older4me – Attractive old guy in a suit

Who did not had dreams about a sexy boss or manager wearing an attractive suit? Parker Boyd from older4me definitely has and requested us to do some older 4 me videos with a gay daddy playing the part of his good looking boss. Therefore we brought in sexy Alan Handsen and he blew our mind away! I’ll bet you haven’t seen a guy enjoy as much as our guy being in a mature gay porn video! The guy in the suit is the boss of a firm, and today he has his male secretary take care of his big dick with his ass and mouth, and it’s one superb little movie that you shouldn’t miss for the world everyone.
The scene starts with the older guy sitting in his chair as the stud comes in, and right after that, the big boss unzips his pants and presents his underling with his mighty cock. The guy doesn’t wait a single bit and gets straight to work on that nice and big cock without delay today. Sit back and watch him sucking and slurping on it with a passion in front of the cameras. The boss specifically called for him as he gives the best head and it shows at porninsights.com. So watch the stud deep throating and sucking that cock until the old man blows his load all over his face this afternoon. We hope you liked it everyone. Bye bye!
[hana-flv-player video=’http://older4me.us/trailers/older4me-video-guy-man-in-a-suit.flv’ width=’460′ height=’346′ clickurl=’http://older4me.us/members/play.php’ autoplay=’false’ loop=’false’ autoload=’false’ splashimage=’http://older4me.us/trailers/older4me-guy-man-in-a-suit.jpg’ /]


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Older4me – Old vs Young

We all adore older4me older-younger moments, especially if we provide a hunk who likes just the older guys. It took a long time to persuade Peter to do a shoot for us. He only required a younger dude who’s into older males and boy did we discover it! Non-stop rough fucking from start to finish. If you are a teen guy who enjoys older check out and learn a few things on how to provide your silver daddy an excellent fuck. Check it out and enjoy this superb and sexy video that we bring you today. You won’t be disappointed with it and that’s a guarantee.

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The two guys that we had here were going to get their gay fuck either way, but they were really eager to see who had the most stamina. And they wanted to see if you get more and more tired with age. Well this guy right here is proof that that doesn’t happen and it actually came to be that he lasted even longer than the stud. Sot just sit back, relax and enjoy one nice and hard fuck fest with these two horny dudes. They went all out for their little fuck session and it shows. Watch some tight asses getting penetrated and see some jizz loads fly all over the place. Enjoy it and do come back next week! If you wanna see some hot chaos men making out, check out the http://www.chaosmen.me site!

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Older4me – Daddy Orgy

Clark Ford welcomed Roy and his friend Parker Boyd from older4me pictures over to for a taped pool party several weekends ago when good friend Roy was seeing us from Pennsylvania. We got real excited that ultimately we will get to video a three way using two daddies and a teen stud. This video is a non stop sex fest from start to finish. These RagingStallion men wished to get together for several weeks and it shows in this nice and fresh gallery today. And it’s quite the sight to behold as well, so you shouldn’t miss this sexy stud getting his ass hole taken advantage of by these two older studs today.

The cameras start rolling, and as you can see the whole scene takes place in the apartment of one of the dudes. There was lots of fun to be had and these guys sure know how to party. Sit back and enjoy the nice show as the two older guys make this stud suck and slurp on their nice and big hard cocks. And the guy does a superb job to take care of those hard cocks as he was sucking and deep throating them with a passion for today. Then you get to see him spread his sexy legs to let the guys fuck his ass in turns and we can just tell you right now that it was quite a sight to behold. Have fun with it and see you next time, with more threesome scenes, all of them with horny daddies banged and pleased!


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Daddy in shape

Today we’ve got something special on this older4me update: We are ultimately going to see gorgeous Marcus in action! Check out these picture galleries specially made by Kristen Bjorn. He commences by showing us his workout routine to keep his nice muscles stretched. However, obviously, we all want to see this old sexy dude using his great “love muscle”, therefore after training Marcus and his new lover take up a good workout of “suck and fuck“. They find yourself exhausted, and we bet we will too. Well, what can I say? You’ll see this amazing hunk working out, shaping his muscles. Let’s see him in action.


This stud as you can see, has one superb body and he always just loves to show it off as much as he can. So let’s watch this sexy stud as he gets around to flex those big muscles that he has in front of the cameras today. We bet that you’ll simply love his sexy body too after you are done with his nice and sexy display today. Watch as in addition to all of this he goes for a nice and long strip show as well, and exposes his big and hard cock as well for you guys and the cameras. You should watch him stroking his tool a little bit. Have fun with it and come back again next time for some more!

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Older 4 Me – old guy loves it doggy

We have older 4 me videos with gay daddy lawyers, gay daddy doctors, as well as a few gay chefs, however we have never noticed the cock on Chef Gary. Hell Yeah! The original video is more that an hour. Gary is from Turkish descent and explained to us how easy it’s to screw every gay student who is employed by him. Love this particular older/older older 4 me sex video with these super-hot silver daddies fucking their butt-holes. Well one thing that you will surely get to learn today is that this guy sure loves his ass pounded. Lucky for him that his friend was around to deliver on his little desire today.

Gary is never one to shy away from a good fuck, and since he’s bi he always gets lots of it. But over time he observed that he just adores having his ass fucked by big cocks. Today he was super horny and this buddy of his dropped by to say hello. Well needles to say that it all got down and dirty and Gary got what he wanted. Watch his tight ass getting stuffed by that nice and big cock today and see him moaning in pleasure as his buddy gets to fuck him balls deep anally today. We’re sure that you have enjoyed your stay today and we want to tell you to stay tuned for more amazing daddy hammering scenes guys!


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Older4me – Mature gay sex

Cum in, get yourself comfortable and have a look at a wonderful morning in the lives of one older4me super hot couple. The video begins with the two gay daddies making out slowly in the shower. After that we are able to see 62-yr old body builder Marcus bang his lover Cane, which also has a real sexy body. Than Cane ask Daddy to screw him hard and stud Marcus just provides. This mature gay sex scene is pure fuck splendor between two hot older guys. Well what can we say, this superb scene is here just for you guys to see and we know that you will enjoy it quite a lot.


The thing is that these two are very good fuck buddies and they always like to spend some time together to get some nice and hard gay sex going on, and since today they both had a free day they decided to meet up once more, simply because they are some really sex addicts, just like the guys from the jasonsparks.org site! Sit back and watch these two mature studs as they take off one another’s clothes and they begin to suck one another off just for your enjoyment today. Of course you also get to see some nice and hard style anal fucking go down as well with the two. Enjoy this nice and hot pair of studs everyone, and just as always see you next week with another fresh and hot update.

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Like father like son only better

Pascal is an old buddy of Ezequiel’s Father from older4me and he comes only for a short visit. At some time Pascal tells sexy Ezequiel, "you are as good looking as your father". That everything that Ezequiel want to hear and tells Pascal that he can fuck better that his father. So as Dad was managing some tasks, Ezequiel shagged him tough. These mature men love tasting one another’s cock. Some amazing CMNM older 4 me videos! This New comer Pascal is a Grand daddy to die for. Well we know that you must be really eager to see this show go down so let’s not delay this any longer and get the show started.

You basically get to see two very successful men as they have some private sexual fun today and we can be sure that you will simply adore it too. One of the guys gets on his knees and pulls out the other dude’s nice and big cock as he’s very much eager and horny and just wants to get some of that nice and hard cock in his mouth. Sit back and enjoy as you get to see him suck and slurp on it with a passion, and just have fun with this nice gallery. Rest assured that jizz loads are very much involved by the end as you cannot have such a nice scene without them. See you next week as usual everyone.


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Older 4 Me – Daddy’s list

Daddy Rudy, from older 4 me videos, is a active sales man always on the move. Every town he goes he’s got a list of fuck pals whom he corresponded at either silverdaddies or older4me.com. He generally fucks two males every evening. It’s easy as that! Gay Daddies are on Demand! See this teen dude swallowing cum from his big boss today. The thing is that he wants a promotion and he’s willing to do just about anything to get it. Lucky for him his boss had the right idea and he had to help him enjoy a nice afternoon of gay sex if he’d wanted his promotion. And ass you’ll see he was all read to do it.


The thing is that our stud also enjoys gay sex quite a lot and this was just up his alley. Sit back and watch our stud sucking and deep throating on the old guy’s big and hard dick with a passion today. You get to see him present his nice and naughty little ass for him after he got his big dick hard and lubed. And you just have to see this guy get a nice and hard anal fucking from behind in this superb update. He got his promotion, and of course from now on he will get to tend to his bosses’ sexual needs any time that there’s a demand for them. Enjoy it and see you guys next week with more awesome scenes!

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Giles Older4me

Vegas Fun in this update because as you very well know that the location of Las Vegas is a location for fun and pleasure…. and what is more fun than having a nice threesome with Carl and Giles older4me? Check out these horny gay daddies give this young stud a proper hammering and a Vegas escape to remember. And we’re quite proud to bring you this group of guys as they have their fun in the hotel room. It was quite the hot and sexy threesome to behold. And that’s exactly what you will be doing today as you watch these three dudes get it on for the whole evening.

The whole thing starts off with a nice and long foreplay session as you can see the guys kissing and caressing one another to set the mood a bit better. Then it’s an all out cock sucking fest and you will just love it. Sit back and see these guys sucking and slurping on one another’s hard and big dicks, and see them switching roles every now and then. Like perverted JakeCruise, Then they start to take turns as they also want to fuck one another in the ass, and you can also watch the old guys blow their loads all over one another in the end of this simply luscious gallery of images. Enjoy everyone and bye bye! Don’t forget that you can find similar videos and pics inside the cmnm.me blog, so check it out and see some sexy gay guys getting their cocks milked!

giles older4me and carl in a wild threesome

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Joey McClain Older4me

Joey McClain Older4me videos is going back to his beloved town Chicago. He is nearly done with taking away all his stuff apart from an old sofa. Jeremy responds to his c-list ad, shows attention on this article, he really wants it bad! This gay daddy gives him a great deal if the exchange involves an excellent fuck on this Older 4 me videos. Well Joey is always down for a nice and hard anal fuck and since he got his hands on this nice stud it was a sure thing to get a nice and hard fuck fest started. So let’s not waste anymore time and get this show on the road today shall we everyone?


As the scene starts off, you get to see this hunk as he gets all naked from the very start in front of our older guy. And when this old dude sees that nice and slender body he’s super eager to get it on with the guy. Sit back and watch this old man as he gets to suck and slurp on this stud’s dick, and see him jerking him off as he gets to fuck him in his tight little ass today. Of course the fresh stud just moans in pleasure at the nice fucking that he gets, and by the end he manages to blow his huge jizz load all over the place as well. We are positive that you like what you see here! Until then, you could have a look at the official Twitter page, for more news or enter the FraternityX site and see some hot frat guys fucking!

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