The return of Roger Dalton

In this impressive scene we are celebrating the return of Roger Dalton, who is 81 years old and hornier then ever. His pool needs to be taken care of but Roger can’t seem to find a guy to do the job, he hired many guys but none of them did a good job. Frank Martin is the last hired and when Roger confesses that he also works as a porn model Martin wants to see him in action. After few minutes the pool guy kneels down and takes that big cock in his mouth! Roger is this filthy rich old guy, that runs the real estate market in his city. but he might have money he didn’t find a fuck buddy in these past years so when he heard that his new pool guy was a model when he was younger he got extremely curious. Of course for the right amount of money you can get anything in this world and an retired porn star as well. So he just offered him money and considering that he was now cleaning pools for a living those money could really help him. Before you know it Roger was half naked and with his cock in Frank’s mouth.


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