My uncle’s little secret

In the next older4me scene Parker gets the news that his uncle is coming to visit. They haven’t seen each other in a very long time and they have a secret, you see Parker got fucked by his uncle but then they never talked about it again. Now his uncle is arrived, Parker wants to get fucked by him again, and after sucks his uncle’s big cock, he gets his ass stuffed and fucked hard! Parker has a step uncle if we can call him this way, his aunt married him a few years and she wanted a husband a bit younger than her, so she ended up with one the same age as Parker. Because the live in different towns Parker didn’t got the chance to met his new uncle until next week when he went to visit them. One night when his aunt was at work the two men started talking and after all the drinking his uncle admitted to having a crush for him. Parker was surprise but also relieved to hear that from his mouth, because he secretly had a little crush for his uncle as well.  So they started getting closer and closer until they jumped all over each other. They ended up sucking and fucking each all night long. But this was their little secret so don’t tell anyone!


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