Blue Jay returns

Blue Jay is back at older4me with another amazing scene! Some of you might remember him from the scene called rewarding the rescuer. We shoot that one 10 years ago but seems like it was yesterday! Jay is now 70 and hornier then ever! To celebrate he invites Cody Jones to a gay resort and they don’t waste the time at all! Watch him sucking Cody’s hard cock! We just love when our guys have a return scene after years and years. Of course we’re glad to see them all, but Blue Jay was one of our favorite and we were just eager to see his latest work. Blue wanted a worthy return so he went to the his old buddy Cody for this. They both worked together when they were younger so this was their thank you to all of their fans. Blue couldn’t wait until the got home so they ended up sucking and fucking each other right there in Cody’s backyard in the middle of the day with all his neighbors home. So don’t miss this insane update and see these old hunks taking really good care of each other’s hard cocks. Enjoy it and see you next time!


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