Like father the son

In this older4me scene Pascal is an old friend of Ezequiel’s father, and he is coming to visit them. Ezequile knows that his father is also gay, and also knows that Pascal and his father are more then friends. When Pascal sees Ezequiel, tells him that he is as handsome as his father. After the two daddies fuck each other its time for Pascal to get Ezequiel’s big cock deep inside his ass! Well this is something new a guy trying out the father and the son in such a short time. Pascal came to visit his old friend, but once he got to his place his son opened the door and he was really surprised with what he saw. So after they got to know each other better Pascal found out that his friend’s son was gay as well. So that same night he thought to give him a try as well. Although they shared only a wall, that didn’t bother him because he know that Ezequiel sleep deep and he doesn’t wake up in the middle of night and beside that, their sex session exhausted him. But Pascal wanted more and ended up trying out his son as well.


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