Older4Me – Naughty Daddy

Another fresh week and time to check out another new and hot older4me scene here with two new guys. Naturally an older daddy and a fresh stud that gets to show off his skills to him. Now you know that these old guys here know a thing or two about steamy fuck sessions and they’re always happy to get to show off the new guys what they know too. And in this scene, the naughty old guy gets to teach this guy how to suck some proper cock for a change too. Let’s get the older 4 me show moving and let’s watch them spend this whole afternoon sucking on one another’s cocks too. We can guarantee that you will just adore the whole thing without fail!


That leather couch in the living room comes into good use again this week and the two start off their play session by undressing first and foremost. Then the old guy gets to go first and show off to the new guy how he’s suppose to blow a dick. Once he’s done, he gets to lay on his back and lets the guy show off what he learned from that. And wouldn’t you know it, he suddenly turned into a cock sucking expert. They have fun gong back and forth with this and you can rest easy knowing that by the end of the scene they get to make each other blow their loads all over one another too. So have fun everyone and see you next week with a new show!

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