Slave For Daddy

Welcome to a new older4me scene and more older gay studs getting to show off some new tricks to fresh studs. In this scene we have sort of a threesome with these two daddies getting to show off they still have it even after such a long time and as you can see, they also get to use quite the toys around the place too. Namely a swing that the new guy gets to sit in while the two older men get to take turns to fuck him in the ass here today. With that being said, we bet that you want to see this older 4 me scene as well so let’s just get the show on the road. The gallery is full of images that you just have to see today, rest assured!

Well as soon as the cameras roll, the gay daddies and the guy make their entry and as you can see, all of them are wearing awesome and tight leather outfits. And they look quite sexy, we’re sure you will agree. Well as the new guy gets strapped in that little swing by the guys, see his pants and underwear taken to off to show off his gorgeous ass and dick too. And the first guy to get to go balls deep in his cute and tight round ass is the bearded guy. Then it’s the other stud with the cap on and back to the bearded guy. They took turns like we said, to fuck him in the ass real good for today and to end it all nicely, they also got to blow their loads on him too!


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