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Older4Me – Parker and Rudy

Check out the next update featuring Rudy, a busy sales man who is on the road all the time. He has many fuck buddies in every city that he visits. He is almost 70 but very active sexually, and he fucks two guys every day. Today he met up with Parker, an old fuck buddy of he’s who is going to stick his big cock in his ass fucking him really hard! Life on the road it’s really hard and everyone that has that work schedule knows that pretty well. Rudy is one of those persons that has to combine his two lives the personal and the professional one. but after all these years he ended up having a fuck buddy in each city he goes to and as you can see he just can’t complain. But Parker is his new acquisition, he just met him at a business dinner he attended the other night, that ended up in a club pretty dizzy in Parker’s presence. of course from there to the hotel room it wasn’t a long way to go and ended up doing what Rudy loves the most…fucking!


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The return of Roger Dalton

In this impressive scene we are celebrating the return of Roger Dalton, who is 81 years old and hornier then ever. His pool needs to be taken care of but Roger can’t seem to find a guy to do the job, he hired many guys but none of them did a good job. Frank Martin is the last hired and when Roger confesses that he also works as a porn model Martin wants to see him in action. After few minutes the pool guy kneels down and takes that big cock in his mouth! Roger is this filthy rich old guy, that runs the real estate market in his city. but he might have money he didn’t find a fuck buddy in these past years so when he heard that his new pool guy was a model when he was younger he got extremely curious. Of course for the right amount of money you can get anything in this world and an retired porn star as well. So he just offered him money and considering that he was now cleaning pools for a living those money could really help him. Before you know it Roger was half naked and with his cock in Frank’s mouth.


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Blue Jay returns

Blue Jay is back at older4me with another amazing scene! Some of you might remember him from the scene called rewarding the rescuer. We shoot that one 10 years ago but seems like it was yesterday! Jay is now 70 and hornier then ever! To celebrate he invites Cody Jones to a gay resort and they don’t waste the time at all! Watch him sucking Cody’s hard cock! We just love when our guys have a return scene after years and years. Of course we’re glad to see them all, but Blue Jay was one of our favorite and we were just eager to see his latest work. Blue wanted a worthy return so he went to the his old buddy Cody for this. They both worked together when they were younger so this was their thank you to all of their fans. Blue couldn’t wait until the got home so they ended up sucking and fucking each other right there in Cody’s backyard in the middle of the day with all his neighbors home. So don’t miss this insane update and see these old hunks taking really good care of each other’s hard cocks. Enjoy it and see you next time!


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Older 4 Me – Morning sex

This next older4ne daddy has a new boy lover, a hot stud who likes bottoming for him any time he wants. Mr. Scott is a real gentleman and takes good care of Mario, so Mario is always ready to please his daddy. This morning he is ready to suck his cock and take it deep in his ass! These two met at Mario’s university when Mr. Scoot had some classes for a semester. After a few weeks we noticed that Mario wasn’t doing to good with his grades so he told him that he wasn’t going to pass if he doesn’t get his shit together. Mario of course had other things on his mind and also noticed that Mr. Scott was checking him out so he choose the easiest way and ended up in teacher Scott bedroom. What Mr. Scott didn’t knew was that Mario was actually gay. at first this was awkward but after a while things got spicier and spicier. Mario did of course his best and spend a big amount of time on his knees with professor Scott big cock in his mouth, and in his butthole as well. But after all Mario passed and with an A+.


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Taking Kaled’s virgin ass

Kaled came to older4me asking to let him shoot a video and he told us that he never been fucked before so we were pretty excited to see as he looses his anal virginity to this hot 21 year old guy. Watch as this horny daddy sucks this stud’s hard big cock and then gets his ass penetrated and fucked hard in several positions! Kaled was curious to see how was it to sleep with another guy. He got enough offers so he took advantage of one of them. He just found this wealthy sugar daddy that offered him everything he wanted to get a night with him. Everyone just wanted to shove their hard cock in his tight butthole for the first time. Kaled invited his first daddy at his place and wanted things to be done like he wanted. So he asked his daddy to undress slowly and then to let his rub his cock for a while. but before you know it Kaled got bored and he got on his knees and started sucking his big hard cock and his ass was next. So Kaled finally got that pretty ass pounded. You really shouldn’t miss out this hot gallery.


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A good advice

Here at older4me we have hot studs and horny daddies who are always ready to fuck and get fucked. It is not uncommon that the boys are having older daddy friends with life experience who are wise and like listening their problems giving them advices. Daddy Berker is one of them and Taylor likes being his friend. Berker also likes fucking hot boys and Taylor is willing to bottom for him anytime. Watch as this horny daddy slides his cock deep in that ass and fucks that guy in several positions! It’s so hard to find a decent person once you get older and we are so happy for these two, for their relationship and for their hot gift for you guys. This morning we found a mail from these two and it had two attachments one of them was full of filthy pictures of these two and the other one was a recording tape with them fucking like crazy in Berker’s bedroom. They started their day in the best way possible with a good morning blowjob and continued with a have a great day fuck. You should really take a look at these two horny hunks hammering each other.


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Older4Me – Hardcore three-way fun

Check out this next older4me update featuring Fred, Giles and Giovanni, three horny daddies who got together for some fun. First Guiovanni and Fred are teaming up to fuck Giles, then Fred gets fucked by Giovanni, everyone is fucking everyone in this scene so have fun watching! Giovanni called some friends over for drinks, but of course he didn’t extend his guess list to much and kept it to his best buds only. Of course after they had their drinks they got a bit horny so Giovanni took advantage of the situation and invited the guys up in his bedroom to check out the furniture he just bought and by the end of the night they ended up trying out the bed just to try out it’s resistance. Our old horny hunks started taking turns on sucking each other’s hard cocks and ended up taking turns on stuffing their buttholes. So things went like this, one was sucking another’s ones hard cock while the third one hammered his butthole during this. So don’t miss out this insane gallery and check them out getting nasty and dirty in the bedroom. Enjoy it and see you next time.


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The return of the bad boy

Enjoy this next older4me scene featuring Cody and Sir Phillip, two horny daddies who are always ready for a hard fuck! In this scene they are a couple and Phillip tells his bf that he has to go to the office but someone sees him in a bar sucking several dudes. Cody finds out and decides to punish Phillip. Watch as he gets spanked and fucked really hard! Well it’s really hard to keep it in your pants with all these young hotties going to bars and clubs. sir Phillip just went thru this kind of situation and ended up in a bar’s bathroom sucking a young cock hoping no one saw him leaving the bar with the young stud. Unfortunately for him Cody has friends everywhere so once he entered his house Cody started yelling at him and Phillip ended up obeying Cody’s every command just so he didn’t lose him.


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Keeping it in the family

It seems that in Ezequiel’s family there are lots of gay guys. When we was filming Ezequiel told us that his cousin wanted to make a porn video so he fucked his cousin. We were excited to see them again in action here at older4you and we are sure that you are going to love watching real cousins fucking! I’m telling you Ezequiel’s family is on fire. One of his cousin’s just found him on the internet sucking this random guy’s hard cock and decided to be a part of it. At first Ezequiel didn’t know what to do because he was family and all but afterwards he thought to give it a try they were that close anyway. So they rented a hotel room and started making out and it all felt so natural so they continued until he started sucking his cousin’s hard cock and than taking it up his tight butthole deeper and deeper. It’s insane! So check out the entire gallery to see how things ended up!


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Older4Me – Markus and Gabriel

In this next older4me scene we have brought Markus who is looking better then ever! Can you believe that he is 63? Markus likes good looking muscled guys and Gabriel is perfect for him! Gabriel likes getting fucked by older guys and he today Markus is going to be the daddy who fucks him hard! Markus is a smart guy and knows that looks are everything so he kept on going to the gym although all of his friends laugh when they heard it. But all that hard work finally paid off because he found a younger hunk to bang right there at the gym. Markus didn’t want everyone to know about him so he invited his new friend at his mansion to show him some routines to try out at the gym. Of course both of them knew what that really meant and  Markus didn’t have to work too hard to get into his pants. Beside his amazing body Markus also has an huge cock that by the end of the scene will pass thru Gabriel’s filthy mouth to his tight butthole. enjoy it!


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