Clark Ford and Lars

Lars likes to hook up with guys online, and is this older4me scene he is going to fuck with a guy he’s recently met online. What you need to know about Lars is that he is very strict when it comes to online hook ups, but he makes no age distinction, but the guys have to follow his rules. They have to obey and he likes rough sex, so watch as he gets fucked hard! Lars was all alone for a few weeks now so he thought to try out the online dating system and ended up with a date by the end of the night. They’re both about the same age so they understand each other. It’s really hard to find someone at their age and also be discreet. They didn’t need the three dates rule and jumped right in bed. Lars was happy with what he received so he went thru with it. After they exchanged a few words they jumped right in bed. After Lars showed off his cock sucking skills and Clark his they couldn’t take it anymore and started fucking each other’s butthole.


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Older 4Me – Lars and Gabriel

Lars is a really hot older 4me daddy! In this scene he is fucking Gabriel, and this is not their first time together! Lars loves fucking Gabriel’s tight ass and Gabriel takes as many as he can. Watch these guys in action now, and see how they suck each other off after a hardcore anal penetration! Gabriel and Lars met with the help of their friends and bumped on each other during a dinner. The both of them started complaining about being alone so their friends thought they will be a perfect fit together. Of course by the end of the night their friends started inventing excuses and left them alone to know each other better. After they finished their meal and drank their drinks they started walking and ended up at Lars house. He invited Gabriel for another drink, but we all know what that really means. So after things got spicier they went upstairs and started sucking one another’s hard tool and then, of course. started taking turns on fucking each other. So don’t miss out this insane gallery and we’ll see you tomorrow for more old gay men scene. Until then enjoy it!


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Parker Fucks Hart Caldwell

This older4me scene was made when Parker visited Florida. He knew that we are filming there so he contacted us. He wanted to fuck with Hart, and he told us that if he gets together with Hart they will make a really hot scene! Check them out now and watch as horny Parker shoves his dick deep inside Hart’s ass and fucks him hard until they both blow their loads together! Parker is one of our fan and he writes us a lot asking for Hart, so when he found out they are going to be in the same town he didn’t want to miss the chance to get in the same scene with him. So we set everything up and told Parker only the address and the hour. Of course he was there on time all nervous that he was going to met his favorite star, finally. They exchanged a few word and then went on the set. Parker was impressed by the size of Hart’s cock, he thought it seemed big only on camera, well lucky him! So before you know it they jumped right to action and started fucking each other all over the place.


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Two boys fuck old daddy

In this next older4me scene we have brought back one of the guy who shoot many films with us, we are sure that you remember Dean. Now that he is 80 he seems to be more demanding but the boys are still lining up at his door! He has lived with many hot buys who couldn’t keep up with him because Dean needs lots of sex. Today he is getting fucked by these two guys, so enjoy the hardcore threesome! Younger hunks just love Dean because he had so much experience and a night with him is like nothing they had before. Everyone keeps on bragging with amazing sex skills in the sack. These two got so curious to try out the old guy, it was very hard for him to believe everything they’ve been hearing about him. So they went to him for a proper demonstration. Of course Dean brought his a game to the table and these two didn’t knew what hit them. Dean was in charge, like always, and I may add he did a hell of a job with these two cuties. He made them sucking his hard cock and didn’t let them stop until he sprayed them all with jizz. Have a look at this daddy and his favorite guys!


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Three horny daddies

In this next older4me scene we have three older guys, all of them are over 60 but still horny and always ready to fuck! In this scene Fred get’s fucked by the other two, he usually tops but this time he gets his ass stuffed by two hard cocks one after another! Watch them sucking each other off and blowing their loads! These old hunks are insane in bed, with their vast experience in bed it’s amazing what they can do in bed. these three are old friends that met occasionally for a quickie. They’ve know each other since college but there neither of them was sure what he wanted, but as time past by they all found their true love…men! These three just don’t know how to jumped fast over each other and looks of it they sure know what they want. They started taking turns on sucking each other and of course once they were all hard they started pounding each other’s butthole.  Don’t miss out this insane scene with these three horny old friends and their sexual escaped. Until next time check out the entire gallery and enjoy it, or have a look at another three way scene!


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Handy man

This older4ms scene also can be called the return of the hottest old man, because Giles and Lou are back together in this role playing act. The older guy calls to maintenance because his sink is leaking. A fresh guy appears at his door, and the action starts in the kitchen where the two guys are checking out each other and get naked for a hard and wild fuck! Watch as the handy man fucks this old guy! We just love this role playing scene, Lou always wanted to fuck his plumber, but his real one is too hot for him, so he called his friend for a little help and it actually was a pretty good idea. Lou invented a fake leak at his sink and while his plumber got under it to see what’s wrong, Lou stripped completely showing off his hard cock. Of course his plumber started sucking his big hard cock and started fucking right there on the kitchen counter. Lou was so happy because he always wanted to fuck in his kitchen, he saw it in so many movies and never had anyone to try it out with. So this was just perfect for him.


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Older4Me – Daddy likes to watch

Even though Gabriel has appeared in many scenes, he is in a relationship. Luckily his partner likes watching him fucking other guys, specially because they are in a long term relationship. Daddy Clark Ford is Gabriel’s life partner and he loves it when Gabriel plays with other Daddies. In this scene Gabriel sucks and fucks Keller, while Ford is watching them in action. These three are amazing together they make such an amazing job together that it would be such a lost to miss them. These two old daddies found a younger hunk for them and when I say younger I really mean a hot 40yo one. They wanted to try out something new and a third person might do the trick for them. So the started taking turns on sucking his fresh hard cock and after they got all covered in spunk they started riding his hard tool like crazy and stretching their buttholes to the limits. You really shouldn’t miss these three in some hardcore scenes together fucking each others brains out. Until next time check them out in the entire picture gallery and enjoy!


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My uncle’s little secret

In the next older4me scene Parker gets the news that his uncle is coming to visit. They haven’t seen each other in a very long time and they have a secret, you see Parker got fucked by his uncle but then they never talked about it again. Now his uncle is arrived, Parker wants to get fucked by him again, and after sucks his uncle’s big cock, he gets his ass stuffed and fucked hard! Parker has a step uncle if we can call him this way, his aunt married him a few years and she wanted a husband a bit younger than her, so she ended up with one the same age as Parker. Because the live in different towns Parker didn’t got the chance to met his new uncle until next week when he went to visit them. One night when his aunt was at work the two men started talking and after all the drinking his uncle admitted to having a crush for him. Parker was surprise but also relieved to hear that from his mouth, because he secretly had a little crush for his uncle as well.  So they started getting closer and closer until they jumped all over each other. They ended up sucking and fucking each all night long. But this was their little secret so don’t tell anyone!


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Renzo fucks a horny polititian

It’s electoral season and Renzo is in charge of recruiting new guys to join their power and convictions to start a political career. Daddy has his own way to test these new guys, the bigger their cock the better it is. Watch as he gets fucked by one of them! This is what I call a real test. Although Renzo is pretty young to be in politic and have such a responsibility, he found the way to get higher on the political leader. So he set up interviews all day long and set them all in a hotel close the the town’s exit. And this is how Renzo spent his day fucking all they long old guys what were hoping to get into politics. So don’t miss him out pounding old guys and trying them out before giving them an answer. You could also have a look at these two horny guys banging!


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Mutual Fund Broker

This is a long awaited older4me scenes, featuring two of the most gorgeous daddies, Giovanni who is a mutual fund manager and Cody Jones who in this scene is the investor. We are sure that you are going to watch this scene many times just as we did because watching these old guys having hardcore gay sex is such a turn on! Business meetings are going to change after this insane scene. These two old guys had a few “business meetings” these past months without their wife know what is really happening. These two started fucking behind their back a few mouths ago when they finally figured out each other out. since then just schedule a meeting every week at the same hotel, same room and same hour to discuss their affairs. Of course all they do is fuck around and suck off each other’s cock but they do a hell of a job doing it. So don’t miss out this insane scene and see these two hunks pounding each other’s butthole! Enjoy it and see you next time!


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