My Boss Harasses Me

Another fresh week and time to see another new older4me scene unfold this fine afternoon. We know what you want to see and you can bet that you get to see another older daddy getting to fuck some nice and fresh tight ass today too. If you’ve been here long enough, you know that we aim to bring you the best of the best shows with hot older men getting to bang young guys in the ass and vice versa and we aim to make this your favorite go to place when you want to see content like that too. So let’s get to see this older 4 me scene unfold with this boss guy fucking his new employee up the ass for the afternoon, to teach him how the corporate ladder works!


Once the show begins, you can see the two guys entering this private room where they can play and the guys are in suits of course. They get to come off quick naturally as the two are pretty horny and even though the training is an excuse for them to be alone, the fresh guy is more than eager to get to take it in the ass from this older man. He always knows to bet on them pleasing him nicely with their cocks as they know much more. So watch him bend over and take it from behind today as he moans in pleasure and licks his lips. We hope that you enjoyed the show and we’ll see you again next week with more naughty updates. Bye bye everyone! If you’re looking for more, check out the site and see some gorgeous frat guys having sex in front of the camera!

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Older4Me – Last Appointment

Hey there guys and gals. Allow us to welcome you back to some more new and hot older4me scenes this week with another sensual story about two guys getting to fuck each other passionately. This one features a young guy that got to visit his shrink for the last time today and since he helped the guy a lot the two grew quite close. Now the doc to client relation should never go this far, but the two just couldn’t help it. So each session they had, they used to bang hard style. Today is the last meeting and they aim to have one fuck to remember forever. Let’s get that older 4 me action rolling and see what the two guys did without delay!

They don’t even bother to have the regular talk before anything. Both of them are horny as fuck and want to get naked and nasty. Which they do of course. See the younger guy getting to suck the guy off as today he gets to be the only one on the receiving end and enjoying every inch of cock that he gets. After his lips work their magic to get the stud nice and hard, you can see him take a reverse cowboy style ride on that dick for the rest of the scene here today. They spent a lot of time doing the nasty today and who knows, maybe the guy will slip in every now and then just for some fun play with him. See you next week as always everyone!


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Luiggi Wants Revenge

After last week’s threesome we decided it was a perfect time to bring you a new and kinky older4me scene which features another pair of old men getting to fuck one another. The studs around here are always happy to put their experience to use and show off just how good they can be when they put all that to work. Well let’s get to see Luiggi as he gets to play with his long time fuck buddy this afternoon and you get to see two mature guys going at it in this older 4 me scene. We are certain that you will be entertained with the whole thing so let’s get right down to it and check out the two old men banging hard style in the living room!


The title is also pretty explanatory too. Luiggi is the guy getting to take the reins in this one as his buddy got to fuck him nice and hard last time but he had to go so he was kind of left with blue balls. But the guy promised to let him fuck him hard when they met again. Well it was time for payback and Luiggi wasn’t going to hold back in this scene here. Watch him straight up bending over his fuck buddy and see him plow his ass hard style throughout the whole thing making him moan loudly in pleasure for today’s update. We’ll be back again soon with another new and fresh gallery and we’re sure that you will enjoy your stay until then!

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Fucking at the job

We want to take the time to welcome you back to one more older4me scene that is around to rock your world here for today. This show of course, has more old daddies playing with younger guys in their twenties, but this one is a bit special. We’ve not had a threesome here for some time and we figured it was about time you got to see another pair of older guys getting to take their time to fuck this younger guy throughout the whole older 4 me scene here today. So sit back, relax and enjoy the sight of another horny guy getting his tight ass fucked balls deep by old men and their hard dicks today. Let’s get that show rolling already!

We get to meet up with the trio just as they get started and as you will see, the guys are all in the process of undressing one another and showing off their bodies to the cameras all nude as they get to kiss and caress. all that touchy feely gets them nice and excited, especially the older guys and they have the time of their lives with the foreplay as you will see. Then they get to make sure the guy’s dick gets pleased as well as they suck him off too. But then it was time for the young guy to bend over and take his anal fucking session doggie style today. We hope you had fun with as usual and we’ll have more for you next week!


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Older4Me – Naughty Daddy

Another fresh week and time to check out another new and hot older4me scene here with two new guys. Naturally an older daddy and a fresh stud that gets to show off his skills to him. Now you know that these old guys here know a thing or two about steamy fuck sessions and they’re always happy to get to show off the new guys what they know too. And in this scene, the naughty old guy gets to teach this guy how to suck some proper cock for a change too. Let’s get the older 4 me show moving and let’s watch them spend this whole afternoon sucking on one another’s cocks too. We can guarantee that you will just adore the whole thing without fail!


That leather couch in the living room comes into good use again this week and the two start off their play session by undressing first and foremost. Then the old guy gets to go first and show off to the new guy how he’s suppose to blow a dick. Once he’s done, he gets to lay on his back and lets the guy show off what he learned from that. And wouldn’t you know it, he suddenly turned into a cock sucking expert. They have fun gong back and forth with this and you can rest easy knowing that by the end of the scene they get to make each other blow their loads all over one another too. So have fun everyone and see you next week with a new show!

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Roommates In Need

We come back with this week’s juicy and fresh older4me scene to show off and you can get to see another simply stunning and hot show with two gays banging the hell out of each other. And naturally, the older dude with the fresh stud couldn’t be missing in this one either. That’s why you get to see the older man show off to this new guy god good a nice and big experienced cock can feel inside of his nice and tight ass for the afternoon. With that in mind let’s get right to the action already in this show as we bet that you guys and gals are curious to see the two studs banging each other hard style for your viewing pleasure this afternoon.

It’s a show that you deffinitely don’t want to miss if you’ve loved everything else that there is to see around here thus far. The guys get that nice and comfy brown leather couch all to themselves this fine afternoon and they end up putting it to some good use. See the younger guy getting to suck and deep throat the older stud’s big dick to make sure that it’s rock hard for his ass and then see him taking it from the back moaning in pleasure throughout. And hey, what do you know, the old daddy didn’t lie as he got to feel really good while he got fucked in the ass today. Enjoy the show and we’ll see you again next week with another new show everyone!


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Older4Me – Older Dads

In today’s fresh and juicy older4me scene, there’s all new and all fresh old daddies that get to play with each other and you just have to see it. Since you loved the two that got to play some updates ago, we figured it would be a perfect time to bring you some more hot older men like them to watch as they play with each other too. Anyway, let’s get those cameras rolling once more and check out a new and impressive older 4 me scene here today with two guys that pack plenty of experience. You are about to see them fucking hard style in this gallery so strap yourselves in and prepared to be blown off by how good these guys are at playing nasty!


To be honest, they seem to be even more energetic in bed than most guys half their age. And that’s saying something too. But anyway, it is logical that they gathered so much experience that they know what to do without fail. So as getting naked is first order of business, you can see them stripping off and showing off those bodies a bit. But since they’re more curious about getting to fuck, you get to see them sucking each other off in a nice sixty nine. And naturally after all that, you get to see the proper fuck scene with them. Sit back and enjoy the action and we’ll see you again next week with a brand new collection of horny daddies fucking!

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Sir Phillip is Back

Hey there again everyone. Welcome back once more to a new older4me scene here with a brand new fresh guy. On the other hand, Sir Philip, the leather loving and leather clad daddy is back in action to play with the new guy. The two get to play on Philip’s black leather couch this afternoon and there’s no way that you can pass up the oportunity to see him in some more naughty action today. We can promise you that there are some more steamy and juicy things that you get to see him do this afternoon and this older 4 me scene is just amazing because of it. Let’s get that show going and let’s watch Philip fucking with the new guy here shall we?

Well like we mentioned, the whole thing takes place on the black leather couch and where first order of business for our old dude is to undress the fresh guy and make him feel special, he was already clad in his leather kinky outfit right as soon as the cameras started too. So take your time and watch Philip start with a nice and long blowjob session, making sure that the guy is rock hard and ready for the next bit. Philip wants to ride some cock today and take it in the ass and this stud is the one to give it to him. Watch them spend a nice and long afternoon passionately fucking one another and we’ll be back again next week with another new update for you!


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Older4Me – Power Daddies

Hey there guys and welcome to this afternoon’s older4me scene here. In this one we straight up have just two daddios looking to get some action for the time being and then taking their time to have some fun with each other. The older guy with gray hair gets to be the one to receive this time as the more muscled and younger stud gets to be the one to fuck that nice and tight ass of his for this scene. Let’s get the cameras rolling already and let’s get to see some gay passion unleashed in this older 4 me naughty and sensual scene with the two as they fuck hard style on the bed. We bet that you will have tons of fun with it today!


When the show begins, the older guy is all over that other stud’s cock. See him pulling down those pants and then watch him suck and slurp on the dick with a passion. He is just so amazing at blowing cock that the other guy now had to reward him nicely for his hard work here today. So as he lays the guy on his back in bed, you then get to see him fuck that round ass and implicitly the guy missionary style for the rest of this scene. They were just amazing to say the least and we’ll bring you more fresh content next week too. Until then do take your time to have fun with this one and do make sure that you check out each and every single image in it!

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Slave For Daddy

Welcome to a new older4me scene and more older gay studs getting to show off some new tricks to fresh studs. In this scene we have sort of a threesome with these two daddies getting to show off they still have it even after such a long time and as you can see, they also get to use quite the toys around the place too. Namely a swing that the new guy gets to sit in while the two older men get to take turns to fuck him in the ass here today. With that being said, we bet that you want to see this older 4 me scene as well so let’s just get the show on the road. The gallery is full of images that you just have to see today, rest assured!

Well as soon as the cameras roll, the gay daddies and the guy make their entry and as you can see, all of them are wearing awesome and tight leather outfits. And they look quite sexy, we’re sure you will agree. Well as the new guy gets strapped in that little swing by the guys, see his pants and underwear taken to off to show off his gorgeous ass and dick too. And the first guy to get to go balls deep in his cute and tight round ass is the bearded guy. Then it’s the other stud with the cap on and back to the bearded guy. They took turns like we said, to fuck him in the ass real good for today and to end it all nicely, they also got to blow their loads on him too!


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